In Reputation We Trust

Malta has maintained its trajectory as one of the world’s financial centres of excellence. Reputation and integrity remain core to ensure brand Malta is synonymous with trust.

Marketing for financial services is not your typical cup of tea. It needs a different approach than for example consumer packaged goods and services as it is a highly competitive industry which is strictly regulated and quite conservative in how it operates.

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What’s emotional about Malta?

Padlocks in Veronia


A visit to Verona

If visiting Verona, a stop at the Casa Guiletta is a must. The 14th century house is one of the town’s main tourist attractions where tangibly all you can see is an open courtyard featuring a baroque stone balcony and a bronze statue of Juliet. Juliet of course is from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet and the stone balcony is supposed to be the place where Juliet would wait to be serenaded by Romeo.

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Smooth Operators – Adding brand value through superior customer experience

Selfridges LondonRetailing has dramatically evolved from a product-centric activity to a customer-centric one. While it is obvious that the main product remains key to assure user satisfaction, the customer experience has become paramount to facilitate a positive and everlasting relationship between the customer and the brand.

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A Triple Dose of Happiness

Open HappinessBrands can make a difference by achieving a triple bottom line. Consider it ambitious or altruistic, building peoples’ trust is a certain way to create precious long-term brand value.

2014 has already settled in and many companies are finalising their financial statements for the previous year. Have their desired targets been met? Shareholders are eager to check the bottom line. With cautious optimism, did management deliver the bacon?

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Marketing from Mass to Class

Via CondottiAs many set their strategies at going head on to cater for the mass market, some look the other way and market for the few. Marketing top line brands is a very sophisticated matter but it is also a unique segment which offers the desired margins to sustain long term growth and profitability.

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Capturing People’s Imagination

Ideas that sellMaybe coming up with the next big thing is not as hard after all. Making the crucial step from concept to profit is the nutcracker. So you have this great idea. You have come up with this fantastic product or concept. You are full of belief that what you possess is your big break to profitable avenues. But then again many have been there before and failed. History is full of examples where innovations didn’t take off as expected. Why you? What makes your idea the special one? From sliced bread to tablet PCs, having a good idea is only the first step of a long journey. There is much more than meets the eye to make the desired success.

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